Formerly Transcribing Snyder County's History From The Archives of the Middleburg Post
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To The Readers:

I know many of you have logged on looking for the October 2013 edition of The Snyder County Post, to read the histories of our fine county, as transcribed from past editions of The Middleburg Post...

Unfortunately, I have been served a "Cease and Desist" letter from the attorney of Susan Weaver, current publisher of the Snyder County Times, telling me that I have stop publishing the articles that so many have enjoyed over the years. It claims that Ms. Weaver "acquired all trademarks, copyrights, and publication rights" for The Snyder County Shopper, Union County Shopper, Middleburg Post, and Selinsgrove Times-Tribune. And she has said I cannot use the material anymore, under threat of legal action.

I understand the legal aspect of all this...but this site was not run as a profit center, I was doing it because the residents of this county are heavy into the history of the county and enjoy reading of its formation. And by transcribing from an analog and moving it to the digital, it would be preserved for, theoretically, millenia...

However, Ms. Weaver has chosen to focus her energies on pursuing me, instead of attempting to improve a weakly run weekly "newspaper" and you, the readers, have been caught in the crossfire, and it is the readers who have become the casualties. For this, I am truly sorry...

So, this page will remain unchanged from here on out, unless I decide to launch a new project in its place. I encourage all interested in the content I have provided here to visit the Snyder County Historical Society
in Middleburg, where anyone can freely read the archives of the Middleburg Post (without fear of copyright infringement) on microfiche...

So to the over 50,000 visitors to this site since its inception, a great big THANK YOU, for the many notes of encouragement and support over the has been my privilege to bring you this FREE service for the enjoyment of those who live in Snyder County, who once lived here, or for those just interested in the rich history of the area.

Your humble transcriber,
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